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 Platform: Ranked Gaming Client

 Bots: .SG

 Mode: ( -Shomnp )

 Hero: Shadow Fiend - Nevermore

 Room: /j Wodota

 Dota Map: DotA Allstars 6.88w3.w3 Allstars 6.88w3.w3x

 Date: Sunday, August 12

 Time: Requirement 23 RMT Server / 4:00 PM Perú - Colombia  / 5:00PM Bolivia - Chile / 6:00PM Brasil - Argentina

► Requirement: 50 GAMES

 Organizers: D4nt[3]



  ( !Mode shomnp) Shadow Fiend


 ✔ Valid and Not Valid Items


      Bottle not allowed

      No Magic stick

      No Ave (Courier Only)

      No Hood of Defiance

      No Soul Ring Recipe

      No Lothar

      No Vanguard

      No Blademail

      No dagon

      No Neutral

      It is not allowed to kill neutrals

      No PlanesWalke.s / Cloak

      Valid stop creep Neutral 

      Valid TP

      Prohibited the Command !Latency




 In the event that a Player does not appear after 10 minutes of the agreed time of the game, the victory will be given by W.O.

 The REPLAY or Photo for the victory must be presented as proof of the same in the respective thread of the match that will be created on the same day of the tournament and will be passed through the chat. Use this parser of preference

 The registered players must give their nickname correctly when registering in the tournament.

 It is totally forbidden the badmaneo / loqueo in Chat / Lobby / InGame

 The complaints by badmanners, maphack and bugs will have to be reported with a screen, replay. The use of maphack will be sanctioned with ban client.

 To win you must make 3 KILLS or 2 TOWERS

 Allowed Accounts: Minimum 50 Games




 Verify before giving! StartForce that none of the 2 players have problems with your PC, MOUSE, etc.

 Anyone who buys any of the above items will be automatically disqualified without claims, have used any item or not, buy any of them will be taken as lost game.

 Chat All: It will only be used to request pauses, to report on some type of problem.

 2 breaks will be allowed for each player. The time of each break is 2 minutes.




1.- In case a disconnection occurs before the 5 (minutes) first minutes of the game a remake will correspond if there is no existence of kill.

2.- In the case that 1 of the players makes the First Blood it will decide if there will be an RMK or will continue announcing it by the PM to a staff.

3.- In case a DC occurs again to the same opponent there will be no rmk and the other player will pass to the next phase AUTOMATICALLY without any claim.




                         Nick: D4nt[3]

                         Country: Perú




 1st Place:

                                  40 RGDS    + Room Champion   Wodota


 2nd Place:

                                  10 RGDS    + Room Champion   Wodota


Note: Participating users must be 30 mins. before starting the tournament.

Administration Wodota Staff: Speciall Thanks to Lupin


Name Game Type Participants Created On Progress
Wodota " SF CHAMPIONS Ii " DotA SE 16 11-19-18
Wodota " SF CHAMPIONS I " DotA SE 16 11-12-18
WODOTA DotA SE 8 11-05-18
WODOTA DotA DE 32 08-04-18